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Obesity Among Teenagers

It is sad to know that obesity among teenagers is a rising problem in our world. Many students from primary school and high school are suffering from this disease and this is an important topic which needs our attention. Overeating, consuming junk food, drinking carbonated drinks and lack of exercises are few of the reasons which cause obesity among our teenagers.
Many hard works need to be done before we can completely curb this problem. Parents should educate their children about balanced diet since their children are still a kid. The basic knowledge that parents need to inform their children is about taking nutritious food in proper amount according to the food pyramid. They should highlight foods that we should not consume frequently to their children. Nutritious and balanced diet need to be served to their children on daily basis. As their children get the knowledge about healthy and balanced diet since they are young, automatically they will become more aware when they are having their meals during their teenage life. Parents also should advise and restrict their children from buying junk food oftenly. 
Health Ministry should ban unhealthy foods and drinks from school canteens. This is a positive move by the ministry but more importantly enforcement need to be done by health officers to ensure that this order is followed accordingly by all school canteen operators. Besides, government should also ban all street vendors who sell junk food outside the school compound. Students still able to approach to junk food if unhealthy foods are banned in the school canteen but not banned outside the school compound. Canteen operators should give their fullest cooperation to the government so that this move by the ministry able to meet its objectives.
School authorities also play an important role in solving this problem. Health campaigns need to be carried out few times a year by school authorities to raise the awareness of students about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. School authorities should consult professional nutritionists and doctors to make sure all students benefited from the health campaigns. Current Physical Education syllabus in school is not effective enough to give students a fit body. Very convincingly, two periods of Physical Education a week is not enough for our high metabolic rate teenagers. So a proper Physical Education is very important in producing healthy and fit teenagers.
Media regardless of print media or electronic media also can play their part to solve obesity problem among teenagers. Advertisements about healthy lifestyle and balanced diet should be published in all medias. Local newspapers should publish advertisements which encourage everyone to practice a healthy lifestyle and electronic media likes internet, radio and television also should promote healthy lifestyle to all electronic media users as a compliment to solve this problem.  
Of course, all teenagers should be responsible to their own body which was gifted by their parents. They should always control their food consumption and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods in order to maintain a healthy body. Teenagers also need an adequate amount of exercise to prevent themselves from picking up obesity. They should always make sure their body is in good shape.
In short, everyone have to work hand in hand in order to solve obesity among teenagers as soon as possible so that we will have healthy and caliber new generation.


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